South Bay Attorney Service $20 - $49 Flat Fee Filing within the LASC Court System will help you mitigate you litigation cost. We have the experience and the savvy necessary to assist you in this cost effective manner.


Service Types:


File Rush: Filing are done on an ASAP basis and a CONFORMED copy will be returned to you.


File Same Day:

Filing and return will be completed within 3 to 4 hours


File Next day:

Filing in this case will be processed the next day.


Our Flat Fee Service Includes the Following

  • $20 - $49 Flat Fee charge on all LASC Filing- No surprises when you receive the invoice
  • Professional Review - To assist in Local Rules compliance and mitigate filing Documents deficiencies.
  • Fast Track Filing  -  Regardless of the service type you choose, we have a fast track business culture to
  • Time Sensitive Filing  -  We will assist you when you when you have to deal with a deadline.
  • Quick Updates  -  We alert you as soon as the filing status has changed.
  • Expedite Document Return: We like for you to receive your Conformed Copies as soon as possible
  • Follow Up on Order: When we file a "Proposed Order" on your behalf, you can relax because we make sure the signed Order return to you as soon as its get signed and processed from the Judge's Chamber.



Because of our Upfront Quote Strategy, we will always alert you if a particular filing will cost more than $49 and provide you the reason why.